Schedule & Results, BAD Girls Annual Tournament, 2018-2019 (Belmont, Aylmer, Dorchester Blazers)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, January 18, 2019
Novice HL (XOVER)NHL-18:00 AMBelmont B.A.D. Blazers4-1London Devilettes White
Novice HL (XOVER)NHL-28:00 AMKinsmen South Huron Sabres3-3St. Thomas Panthers
Novice CNC-18:15 AMEastlink Woodstock Wildcats5-1Chatham Outlaws
Atom B (XOVER)AB-19:00 AMKinsmen Etobicoke Dolphins2-4Lambeth Lancers
Atom HL AHL-19:00 AMBelmont Wallaceburg Lakers0-1North Middlesex Stars
Atom B (XOVER)AB-29:15 AMEastlink Guelph Gryphons4-0Kitchener Lady Rangers
Atom C AC-110:00 AMBelmont South Huron Sabres4-6Lucan Irish
PeeWee B PB-110:00 AMKinsmen Norfolk Hericanes0-1Sarnia Lady Sting
Bantam C (XOVER)BC-110:15 AMEastlink Lambton Attack0-0South Huron Sabres
Atom C AC-211:00 AMKinsmen Walkerton Capitals2-6Woodstock Wildcats
Atom HL AHL-211:00 AMBelmont Upper Maitland Mustangs3-3Woolwich Wild
Atom B (XOVER)AB-311:15 AMEastlink Wilmot Wolverines1-1Waterloo Ravens
Atom C AC-312:00 PMAPC-DOR B.A.D. Blazers4-2Central Perth Predators
Atom C AC-412:00 PMBelmont Saugeen Shores4-3Huron Heat
Bantam BB BBB-112:00 PMKinsmen South Huron Sabres2-0St. Catharines Brock Jr. Badgers
Bantam BB BBB-212:15 PMEastlink Lambton Attack1-1B.A.D. Blazers
Bantam C (XOVER)BC-21:00 PMKinsmen USA Eagles1-0Mitchell Meteors
Novice CNC-21:00 PMAPC-DOR Lambeth Lancers2-2Mount Forest Rams
Novice HL (XOVER)NHL-31:00 PMBelmont London Devilettes Blue1-2South Huron Sabres
Novice HL (XOVER)NHL-41:15 PMEastlink Oakville Hornets4-1B.A.D. Blazers
Atom HL AHL-32:00 PMBelmont Hamilton Hawks1-3North Middlesex Stars
Bantam C - (XOVER)BC-32:00 PMKinsmen Central Perth Predators3-0Lambeth Lancers
PeeWee B PB-22:00 PMAPC-DOR B.A.D. Blazers4-2Haldimand Rivercats
Atom B (XOVER)AB-42:15 PMEastlink Kitchener Lady Rangers0-2Etobicoke Dolphins
Atom HL AHL-43:00 PMKinsmen Upper Maitland Mustangs0-1Wallaceburg Lakers
Novice CNC-33:00 PMBelmont Woodstock Wildcats2-0Sarnia Lady Sting
Atom C AC-53:15 PMEastlink Central Perth Predators0-7Woodstock Wildcats
Atom C AC-64:00 PMBelmont Saugeen Shores1-2South Huron Sabres
Novice CNC-44:00 PMKinsmen Chatham Outlaws3-3Mount Forest Rams
Atom B (XOVER)AB-54:15 PMEastlink Waterloo Ravens1-1Guelph Gryphons
Atom B (XOVER)AB-65:00 PMKinsmen Lambeth Lancers4-2Wilmot Wolverines
Atom C AC-75:00 PMBelmont Lucan Irish3-3Huron Heat
Atom C AC-85:15 PMEastlink Walkerton Capitals0-1B.A.D. Blazers
Atom HL AHL-56:00 PMKinsmen Woolwich Wild5-0Hamilton Hawks
Novice HL (XOVER)NHL-56:00 PMBelmont London Devilettes White0-5London Devilettes Blue
Novice HL (XOVER)NHL-66:15 PMEastlink St. Thomas Panthers4-4Oakville Hornets
Bantam C - (XOVER)BC-47:00 PMKinsmen Mitchell Meteors1-3Lambeth Lancers
Bantam C - (XOVER)BC-57:00 PMBelmont Central Perth Predators5-1Lambton Attack
Novice CNC-57:15 PMEastlink Sarnia Lady Sting7-0Lambeth Lancers
PeeWee B PB-38:00 PMKinsmen Norfolk Hericanes2-6B.A.D. Blazers
PeeWee B PB-48:15 PMEastlink Haldimand Rivercats1-2Sarnia Lady Sting
Bantam BB BBB-39:00 PMKinsmen Lambton Attack0-2St. Catharines Brock Jr. Badgers
Bantam C - (XOVER)BC-69:15 PMEastlink South Huron Sabres1-1USA Eagles
Saturday, January 19, 2019
Atom B (XOVER)AB-78:00 AMKinsmen Wilmot Wolverines0-4Kitchener Lady Rangers
Novice HL (XOVER)NHL-78:00 AMBelmont Oakville Hornets2-0London Devilettes Blue
Atom HL AHL-68:15 AMEastlink North Middlesex Stars3-3Woolwich Wild
Bantam C (XOVER)BC-79:00 AMKinsmen Lambton Attack2-2Mitchell Meteors
Novice CNC-69:00 AMBelmont Mount Forest Rams0-4Sarnia Lady Sting
Atom B (XOVER)AB-89:15 AMEastlink Guelph Gryphons2-0Lambeth Lancers
Atom B (XOVER)AB-910:00 AMKinsmen Etobicoke Dolphins2-1Waterloo Ravens
Novice HL (XOVER)NHL-810:00 AMBelmont South Huron Sabres3-2B.A.D. Blazers
Bantam C (XOVER)BC-810:15 AMEastlink USA Eagles1-0Central Perth Predators
Bantam C (XOVER)BC-911:00 AMKinsmen Lambeth Lancers6-0South Huron Sabres
Novice CNC-711:00 AMBelmont Chatham Outlaws7-0Lambeth Lancers
PeeWee B PB-511:15 AMEastlink Haldimand Rivercats5-0Norfolk Hericanes
Atom C AC-912:00 PMKinsmen Huron Heat1-1South Huron Sabres
Atom HL AHL-712:00 PMBelmont Wallaceburg Lakers5-1Hamilton Hawks
Atom C AC-1012:15 PMEastlink Central Perth Predators0-5Walkerton Capitals
Atom C AC-111:00 PMKinsmen Lucan Irish3-4Saugeen Shores
Novice HL (XOVER)NHL-91:00 PMBelmont London Devilettes White1-9St. Thomas Panthers
Atom C AC-121:15 PMEastlink Woodstock Wildcats3-0B.A.D. Blazers
Novice CNC-82:00 PMBelmont Mount Forest Rams1-5Woodstock Wildcats
PeeWee B PB-62:00 PMKinsmen Sarnia Lady Sting7-3B.A.D. Blazers
Atom HL AHL-83:00 PMBelmont North Middlesex Stars2-0Upper Maitland Mustangs
Bantam BB BBB-43:00 PMKinsmen South Huron Sabres1-0Lambton Attack
AtomB-ElimAB-103:15 PMEastlink Waterloo Ravens3-2Kitchener Lady Rangers
Bantam BB BBB-54:00 PMKinsmen St. Catharines Brock Jr. Badgers3-1B.A.D. Blazers
Novice CNC-94:00 PMBelmont Sarnia Lady Sting0-3Chatham Outlaws
AtomB-ElimAB-114:15 PMEastlink Wilmot Wolverines1-2Etobicoke Dolphins
Atom HL AHL-95:00 PMKinsmen Woolwich Wild0-2Wallaceburg Lakers
NovHL ElimNHL-105:00 PMBelmont London Devilettes White0-6South Huron Sabres
AtomC-ElimAC-145:15 PMEastlink South Huron Sabres1-2B.A.D. Blazers
Novice CNC-106:00 PMKinsmen Lambeth Lancers0-5Woodstock Wildcats
NovHL ElimNHL-116:00 PMBelmont B.A.D. Blazers3-0London Devilettes Blue
AtomC-ElimAC-136:15 PMEastlink Walkerton Capitals1-4Lucan Irish
Atom HL AHL-107:00 PMBelmont Hamilton Hawks3-0Upper Maitland Mustangs
Ban C ElimBC-117:00 PMKinsmen Lambton Attack0-3South Huron Sabres
Ban C ElimBC-107:15 PMEastlink Mitchell Meteors1-2Lambeth Lancers
AtomC-ConsAC-158:00 PMKinsmen Huron Heat5-1Central Perth Predators
Bantam BB BBB-68:15 PMEastlink B.A.D. Blazers2-0South Huron Sabres
Sunday, January 20, 2019
Atom C-SemAC-167:45 AMEastlink Lucan Irish1-3Saugeen Shores
Atom C-SemAC-178:00 AMKinsmen B.A.D. Blazers0-1Woodstock Wildcats
PW B-SemiPB-78:55 AMEastlink Haldimand Rivercats2-1B.A.D. Blazers
PW B-SemiPB-89:10 AMKinsmen Norfolk Hericanes2-1Sarnia Lady Sting
Nov-HL SemNHL-1210:00 AMBelmont B.A.D. Blazers1-2St. Thomas Panthers
Ban BB SemBBB-710:05 AMEastlink B.A.D. Blazers1-5St. Catharines Brock Jr. Badgers
Ban BB SemBBB-810:20 AMKinsmen Lambton Attack0-2South Huron Sabres
Nov-HL SemNHL-1311:00 AMBelmont South Huron Sabres2-1Oakville Hornets
AtomB-SemiAB-1211:15 AMEastlink Etobicoke Dolphins1-3Guelph Gryphons
AtomB-SemiAB-1311:30 AMKinsmen Waterloo Ravens2-5Lambeth Lancers
Ban C SemiBC-1212:25 PMEastlink Lambeth Lancers2-1USA Eagles
Ban C SemiBC-1312:40 PMKinsmen South Huron Sabres4-3Central Perth Predators
AtomHL-FinAHL-111:35 PMEastlink Wallaceburg Lakers2-0North Middlesex Stars
NovC FinalNC-111:50 PMKinsmen Chatham Outlaws0-5Woodstock Wildcats
PW B - FinPB-92:45 PMEastlink Norfolk Hericanes0-2Haldimand Rivercats
AtomC-FinAC-183:00 PMKinsmen Saugeen Shores0-2Woodstock Wildcats
Atom B FinAB-143:55 PMEastlink Lambeth Lancers1-4Guelph Gryphons
Ban BB FinBBB-94:10 PMKinsmen South Huron Sabres1-3St. Catharines Brock Jr. Badgers
Ban C FinBC-145:00 PMEastlink South Huron Sabres0-1Lambeth Lancers
Nov HL FinNHL-145:20 PMKinsmen South Huron Sabres4-0St. Thomas Panthers
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