Schedule & Results, BAD Blazers Tournament, 2012-2013 (Belmont, Aylmer, Dorchester Blazers)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, February 1, 2013
NOV HL A18:00 AMEECC St. Thomas Panthers0-2Mitchell Meteors
PWHL (XOVER)238:00 AMBCC London Demons0-1South Huron Sabres
NOV HL A128:15 AMEECC BAD Blazers0-4London Jets
AtomB29:00 AMEECC BAD Blazers0-0Lambeth Lancers
PWHL (XOVER)249:00 AMBCC Flying Bananas0-3BAD Blazers
NOV B A139:15 AMEECC St. Thomas Panthers1-4London Devilettes
ATO C A2510:00 AMBCC Mt. Brydges Cougars3-0Lambeth Lancers
NOV C A310:00 AMEECC BAD Blazers1-1St. Mary's Rock
ATO C A1410:15 AMEECC Ilderton Jets3-0BAD Blazers
PWC2611:00 AMBCC Lambeth Lancers2-1BAD Blazers
BHL411:00 AMEECC Grimsby Gryphons6-0BCH Ice Dogs
BHL1511:15 AMEECC Norfolk Hericanes0-3LD Westminster Trails
PWHL (XOVER)2712:00 PMBCC Purple Power1-2Chatham Outlaws
ATO C B512:00 PMEECC Stratford Aces2-1St. Clair Storm
NOV C A1612:15 PMEECC Chatham Outlaws3-1Ilderton Jets
PWHL (XOVER)281:00 PMBCC London Demons2-0BAD Blazers
NOV B A61:00 PMEECC St. Thomas Panthers1-3Windsor Wildcats
PWC171:15 PMEECC Stratford Aces5-0Kensington Valley Ravens
BHL292:00 PMBCC BCH Ice Dogs1-6North Halton Red Bulls
NOV HL A72:00 PMEECC London Jets1-1St. Clair Storm
NOV HL A182:15 PMEECC St. Thomas Panthers0-3BAD Blazers
ATO C A303:00 PMBCC Lambeth Lancers0-6Ilderton Jets
AtomB83:00 PMEECC Toronto Leaside Wildcats2-0London Devilettes
ATO C A193:15 PMEECC Mt. Brydges Cougars1-1BAD Blazers
ATO C B314:00 PMBCC Woolwich Wild0-1Stratford Aces
PWHL (XOVER)94:00 PMEECC Purple Power0-3Flying Bananas
BHL204:15 PMEECC LD Westminster Trails1-5Grimsby Gryphons
NOV B A105:00 PMEECC Windsor Wildcats1-3London Devilettes
PWC325:00 PMBCC Kensington Valley Ravens0-6Lambeth Lancers
BHL215:15 PMEECC North Halton Red Bulls2-2Norfolk Hericanes
NOV HL A116:00 PMEECC St. Clair Storm0-0Mitchell Meteors
PWC226:15 PMEECC BAD Blazers0-3Stratford Aces
Saturday, February 2, 2013
PWC337:00 AMEECC Stratford Aces0-0Lambeth Lancers
PWC447:15 AMEECC BAD Blazers7-1Kensington Valley Ravens
NOV HL A348:00 AMEECC London Jets1-0St. Thomas Panthers
NOV C A458:15 AMEECC BAD Blazers0-0Chatham Outlaws
BHL359:00 AMEECC LD Westminster Trails6-2BCH Ice Dogs
BHL469:15 AMEECC Norfolk Hericanes3-2Grimsby Gryphons
NOV HL A3610:00 AMEECC BAD Blazers0-1St. Clair Storm
NOV B A4710:15 AMEECC Windsor Wildcats3-1St. Thomas Panthers
ATO C B3711:00 AMEECC St. Clair Storm1-3Woolwich Wild
NOV C A4811:15 AMEECC St. Mary's Rock4-0Ilderton Jets
PWHL (XOVER)3812:00 PMEECC Chatham Outlaws1-3South Huron Sabres
PWHL (XOVER)391:00 PMEECC London Demons3-1Purple Power
ATO C A491:15 PMEECC Ilderton Jets6-0Mt. Brydges Cougars
NOV HL A502:15 PMEECC Mitchell Meteors0-10London Jets
NOV B A403:00 PMEECC London Devilettes0-0Windsor Wildcats
AtomB513:15 PMEECC Lambeth Lancers1-1London Devilettes
ATO C A414:00 PMEECC BAD Blazers0-0Lambeth Lancers
ATO C B524:15 PMEECC St. Clair Storm0-4Woolwich Wild
PWHL (XOVER)425:00 PMEECC Chatham Outlaws1-3BAD Blazers
PWHL (XOVER)535:15 PMEECC South Huron Sabres1-2Flying Bananas
BHL436:00 PMEECC North Halton Red Bulls1-6LD Westminster Trails
AtomB546:15 PMEECC Toronto Leaside Wildcats2-2BAD Blazers
NOV B A557:15 PMEECC London Devilettes3-0St. Thomas Panthers
Sunday, February 3, 2013
PWHL677:15 AMEECC BAD Blazers0-1South Huron Sabres
NOV HL A598:00 AMEECC St. Clair Storm2-0St. Thomas Panthers
NOV HL A688:15 AMEECC Mitchell Meteors1-1BAD Blazers
ATO C CHA609:00 AMEECC Woolwich Wild1-7Ilderton Jets
ATO C CHA699:15 AMEECC Stratford Aces5-4Mt. Brydges Cougars
AtomB5610:00 AMBCC London Devilettes2-3BAD Blazers
NOV C A6110:00 AMEECC Chatham Outlaws1-1St. Mary's Rock
AtomB7010:15 AMEECC Lambeth Lancers5-1Toronto Leaside Wildcats
NOV C A5711:00 AMBCC Ilderton Jets0-5BAD Blazers
BHL6211:00 AMEECC Grimsby Gryphons5-0North Halton Red Bulls
NOV B CHA7111:15 AMEECC Windsor Wildcats1-0London Devilettes
BHL5812:00 PMBCC BCH Ice Dogs0-3Norfolk Hericanes
NOV HL CHA6312:00 PMEECC St. Clair Storm2-1London Jets
PWC CHA7212:15 PMEECC Stratford Aces1-4Lambeth Lancers
PWHL CHA641:00 PMEECC South Huron Sabres1-0London Demons
ATO C CHA652:00 PMEECC Ilderton Jets3-1Stratford Aces
ATO B CHA742:15 PMEECC BAD Blazers3-2Lambeth Lancers
NOV C CHA66 3:00 PMEECC St. Mary's Rock2-0BAD Blazers
BHL CHA753:15 PMEECC LD Westminster Trails3-1Grimsby Gryphons
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