Rules, BAD Girls Annual Tournament, 2018-2019 (Belmont, Aylmer, Dorchester Blazers)

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OWHA Sanction #1819101


1.       Hockey Canada and OWHA rules shall apply except where listed below.

2.       Teams must be registered with the OWHA, CHA. OWHA registration numbers are required for all participating teams.

3.       All teams from outside of Canada must have a travel permit and a certified roster. Teams must be able to prove dates of birth if requested.

4.       Team representatives must check in at the registration desk one (1) hour prior to their team’s first game. Registration can be done at the first arena that you play at.  Teams must be available to play thirty (30) minutes prior to their scheduled time. (Exceptions: the first games of the day on each ice pad will not start early.)

5.       All players, including teams from out of country must wear BNQ approved neck protectors and CHA approved equipment.

6.       There will be a maximum of seventeen (17) skaters plus two (2) goaltenders allowed per team, as well as a maximum of five (5) bench staff including a trainer.

7.       All teams are guaranteed four (4) games.  All games will consist of two (2) - ten (10) minute stop time periods and one (1)- twelve (12) minute stop time period (10-10-12). No overtime play in round robin.

8.       If the goal differential in any game is give (5) or greater at any time in the third period, the clock will continue to run until the spread is reduced to three (3) goals, then the stop time shall resume.

9.       All players will line up to shake hands after the game is completed.

10.   There will be a three (3) minute warmup once the Zamboni has cleared the ice surface. At the end of the warm up, the game will proceed.

11.   Intent to injure and fighting penalties will result in the player being expelled from the game and the remainder of the tournament.

12.   No body checking is allowed in any division.

13.   Round robin play will determine group placing. Two (2) points will be awarded for a win and one (1) for a tie and zero (0) for a loss.

14.   In the event of a tie in after round robin play, the following criteria will apply:

a.       Winner between the tied teams when they played head to head (not applicable in a 3-way tie)

b.       Most wins

c.       Fewest goals against

d.       Goals for minus goals against

e.       Least penalty minutes

f.        First goal scored in round robin

g.       Coin Toss

15.   Overtime will be played in the Elimination games only. Overtime will be sudden victory and will consist of one five (5) minute stop time period. Teams will change ends after the third period. Teams will play three (3) skaters plus a goalie on three (3) skaters plus a goalie.  Penalties carried into or incurred during overtime will result in the non-penalized team adding a player. At the expiry of the penalty the penalized skater will return to the ice and play will continue until the next stoppage in play at which time the number of skaters will be reduced accordingly.

16.   If teams are still tied, the tie will be broken by a three (3) player shootout. Opposing players will start simultaneously from center ice until all three (3) shooters have taken their shots. If still tied after 3 shooters the coach will designate the next shooter until the game is decided. Shooters from both teams will shoot simultaneously until a goal is scored by one of the teams only.

17.   Players are only allowed to be used once in the shootout until shortest bench is used (minus goalies) at which point the team with the larger roster may elect to have a player who has already shot, shoot again. 

18.   Three (3) players must be identified on the game sheet prior to the game. Any player serving a penalty that has not expired by the end of sudden victory overtime may not participate in the shootout. Another player will have to be designated to replace the penalized player.

19.   One (1) thirty (30) second timeout will be allowed for the Elimination games only.

20.   Home teams will wear white (their designated white) sweaters and visitors will wear dark sweaters. If a team has only one jersey colour, the other team may be asked to change. Coaches must bring both sets of jerseys to each game (where applicable). This will be designated on the game sheet.

21.   Tournament organizers and committees are not liable or responsible for acts of God and unforeseen events causing the cancellation of any part or whole of this event.

22.   All decisions of the Tournament Organizing Committee are final.



*Championship Awards and Medals MAY be Presented Off-ice if deemed by Tournament Officials due to time Constraints and will be presented at a determined location as required.

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